UX, design, development, art direction

A website update introducing the new Verve product line.

Leveraging location data, Verve's Velocity platform serves context- and audience-specific mobile advertising to consumers.

Verve home page hero

Project focus

  • Update the UX and design of the home, solutions, and contact pages. Concept, design and build the new products section
  • Provide a user experience focused on two core user journeys; exploring by individual products or by business solution
  • Update the Verve look and feel to be more end-consumer focused, even as Verve's own audiences are businesses
Verve home page introduction
Verve responsive design
Verve responsive design

A bold, high contrast, consumer-focused UI

Although being a technology company whose key audience are B2B companies, Verve wanted to focus on the end user—their customers' audiences. The slash of the V, bold typography, high contrast colors and action-oriented imagery became the key components of the visual system.

Verve products landing page hero
Verve Activate product page hero
Verve Velocity product page hero
Verve Enterprise business solution page hero
Verve home page testimonial
“Thank you, thank you...I am so happy!”
—Verve senior staff member

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