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An Android app that provides beautiful 3D lockscreen imagery

The Living Wallpapers app—powered by Fyuse—allows users to select from a pool of pre-categorized 3D images and save these images to their lockscreen.

Living Wallpapers app UI

Project focus

  • Focus the core UX on allowing users to preview, select, and delete lockscreen images
  • Provide clear settings controls that facilitate customization of app functionality, image quantity, and frequency of lockscreen image rotation
  • Users should be able to subscribe to entire categories as well as choose images individually. Category content updates automatically
  • Collaborate with Android developers to ensure pixel-perfect execution

Living Wallpaper flow—adding new content

The diagram below provides a preliminary flow of essential user actions and options within the Living Wallpaper app.

Living Wallpapers app flows

Material Design

The app follows Google's Material Design guidelines, including app headers and tabs, modal dialogues, snackbars, and floating buttons. This helps provide consistent aesthetics and functionality across Androids many operating systems.

Living Wallpapers app UI
Living Wallpapers app UI

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