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Client: Transcend Insights

Project roles: UX and art direction

Project overview

Transcend Insights (TI) provide technology solutions connecting care teams with patients, enabling successful population health management. TI required a new website positioning them as thought leaders in population healthcare by showcasing a core product suite of technology solutions.

Core tasks
  • Help users paint a bigger picture by providing a user experience focused on drawing together product information, audience needs, and thought leadership content
  • Use “Freedom of healthcare restraints” and TI as a technology company as inspiration for the UI and site interactivity
  • Provide UX direction and art direction for junior design team members
Transcend Insights home page


  • 105%

    Page views increased

  • 75%

    Increased time spent on site

  • 180%

    Resource center return visits

  • 2x

    Doubled the amount of demo requests

Winner of a W³ Silver Award, celebrating creative excellence on the web, Healthcare category

Transcend Insights responsive design
Transcend Insights product page
About Transcend Insights
Transcend Insights audiences


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