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Client: RampUp

Project roles: UX, design, development, art direction

Project overview

RampUp has previously existed as an annual MarTech conference hosted and organized by LiveRamp, bringing together digital marketers, industry leaders and C-suite executives. Due in part to the popularity of the RampUp events, LiveRamp sought to breakout RampUp into its own brand, repositioning RampUp as a leading voice and platform for digital marketing thought leadership. The result is RampUp as an online content hub comprising of industry articles written both by the RampUp content team and contributors outside of RampUp and LiveRamp, as well as the RampUp annual conference and supporting smaller events.

Core tasks
  • Evolve the RampUp visual identity to provide independence from LiveRamp
  • Design a visual style that can be implemented across the RampUp content hub (a more formal, editorial digital platform) as well as the RampUp events (an informal, energetic, and charismatic conference and event series)
  • Design and build new digital platform and event websites

RampUp content hub

RampUp content hub home page

Infinite content

The user experience highlights curated, latest, and most popular articles as users land on the home page. Once within an article, related items sit at the foot of the page. An infinite scroll allows readers to roll effortlessly into the next editorial. The article pages focus on the reading experience, whenever possible refraining from displaying sidebars or advertised content. A reduction of content also allows for much better load time and general speed performance.

RampUp responsive design

A core focus on typography

While imagery is given generous real estate at the top of the article, the real design focus has been in the type—optimal line length and leading, slightly increased base type scale, generously sized pull quotes, and anchor link underlines that do not run over a characters descenders all contribute to a lighter, calmer visual style.

RampUp article layout
RampUp article layout

RampUp events

A flexible visual style

Whereas the RampUp thought leadership platform seen above required a more formal and editorial tone, the RampUp conference is an informal and energetic annual gathering of digital marketing's smartest folks. The visual system deploys bolder type and color treatments, imagery has a more prominent focus and video features in hero banners.

Freight Sans and Freight serif—typefaces belonging to the same super family—along with a broad color palette yielded enough freedom to design two distinct visual styles while providing enough crossover for the two projects to align under a single brand style.

RampUp event home page
RampUp agenda example
RampUp highlights page
RampUp responsive design
“You guys rock!”
“Thank you for everything!!”
—LiveRamp employees


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