Visual identity for a Chicago-based healthcare startup.

Client: KloudScript

Project roles: Design

Project overview

KloudScript helps independent pharmacy retailers provide local care to patients by acting as an intermediary between patients, prescribers, payers, and Pharma, essentially consolidating technology assistance for all parties into a comprehensive solution. As KloudScript became more influential in the market they sought an updated visual identity.

Core tasks
  • Explore two different paths and provide options for each—evolution of the existing mark, and revolution, a completely new approach to the identity
  • Design a mark and accompanying visual system that stands out in a crowded industry landscape
  • The visual system had to solve for five main audiences—Pharmacies, payers, Prescribers, Patients, and Pharma
KloudScript logo
KloudScript typography and color
KloudScript initial sketches and process work
KloudScript rejected logo options
KloudScript visual elements

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