Visual identity for a San Francisco-based digital agency.

Client: Architect

Project roles: Design and art direction

Project overview

Architect is a digital creative agency designing, building and crafting identities, websites, apps, bots, or just about anything that includes pixels. As the agency evolved over time a new identity was created to better reflect the core philosophy; drilling down to the core business problem by continually peeling away superfluous information, and how digital can play a role in executing the solution(s).

Core tasks
  • Redesign the visual identity!
Architect visual identity
Architect color, typography, and icon sets

Initial process

During the initial sketch phase, reducing the letterforms down to the least amount of visual information while retaining legibility began to align with a core Architect philosophy of stripping back all superflous detail to reveal the true problem to be solved, while providing a digital aesthetic.

Initial sketches and process concepts
Architect business cards
Initial visual style and tone
Architect logo variations

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