Reimagining Acxiom as the data foundation for marketers.

Client: Acxiom

Project roles: UX, design, development

Project overview

Acxiom’s privacy-secure customer data and services empower businesses to connect with their audiences through more relevant and meaningful marketing. Acxiom required a new web presence that reversed the outlook from “Here are our suite of products” to “How can we help solve your marketing issues?”

Core tasks
  • Craft a user experience that focused on the user rather than Acxiom
  • Account for a broad set of audiences—from the 30,000’ view CMOs to in-the-weeds IT tech specialists
  • Create a UI that highlighted the end user experience over the technology powering Acxiom’s solutions
Acxiom home page


  • 147%

    Increase in revenue can be attributed to the new contact form on the website

  • 27%

    Increase in users and 12% increase in page views since launch compared with the previous year

Acxiom Abilitec full page

A navigation for multiple audiences

The redesigned navigation allows the user to self select how they wish to explore the Acxiom website: by business need, specific product, and thought leadership content. These three pillars are thematic throughout the site, helping satisfy a broad range of users with varying degrees of industry knowledge and interest.

Acxiom global navigation layout
Acxiom responsive design
Acxiom page layout
Acxiom get started example

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